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Public Relations...

We will work with you to ensure your campaigns have creativity and strong key messages - Strategy, planning and timing are all important too to ensure best coverage.


It’s not about long, dull press releases, it’s all about capturing the attention and telling a story in a succinct, intriguing and compelling way.  


Your customers and stakeholders should be able to sum you up in one sentence.

We will be your eyes and ears, making sure we make the most of every opportunity to build your brand.  


We will also ensure you look great with the help our bespoke promotional videos which helps to sell who you are – Google loves a video! SEO heaven!

"Paul offers a valuable insight into the job a journalist has to do, which in turn helps delegates perform better – such as delivering soundbites rather than long diatribes.


Most of all, his training is delivered with humour and honesty which is a great leveller and helps delegates relax as they leave their comfort zone. We have trained senior execs and shop-floor clinicians. All have given very positive feedback on their experience."

Don't take our word for it...

Mandy Ward

Head of Communications

Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals

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